Growing Freedom

Growing Freedom is soon to be a Corportation. This we believe will better serve the preparing community.

Donations are always welcome, all money donated/earned is applied to expences and then used to further our cause and help those who need it. Our founder and voice of Growing freedom, Travis has working over on a gift/products to offer in return for donations. Check back often for the anouncment.


As of October 13th, 2010 the Growing Freedom Podcast has at least 3200 confirmed subscribed listeners with an approximate 5000 in total. If you or your company are interested in advertising on the Growing Freedom podcast. We advertise 1 to 2 sponsors per podcast additionally, banners/links on this site and the home page. With a maximum of 10 sponsors. Contracts will be $3000 a month for 3 months, $2500 a month for 6 months or $2000 a month for 1 year, long term contracts available at a reduced rate. All sponsors will go through the 1 month evaluation period, allowing listener feedback, if listeners approve, sponsors will become part of the Growing Freedom family. All potential sponsors will be upon sign-up are considered a 3 month sponsor and after the 1 month evaluation will be placed in the chosen plan. If that plan is a reduced or long term plan fee's will be adjusted for the next month.

In your email, please leave your contact information, as well as a link/description of your company as well as what you can contribute to The Growing Freedom Family. All sponsors are welcome, especially if you can offer products or services related to prepping and self-sufficiency.


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