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A great source if information about permaculutre can be found by visiting the page

Paul Wheaton's Website is

Here is a link to the online permaculture class I talked about, many video's to watch, tons of information.


     Our purpose for using permaculture is that it leads to a self-sustainable lifestyle. For example, planting fruit and nut bushes and trees continue to produce over and over. Permaculture gardening is organic. Permaculture uses overlapping systems. An example of this would be using aquaponics. Growing fish in a tank, using there waste to supply nutrients to the plants, the plants filter the water and the water returns to the fish. In this system you can grow the food for the fish also. It becomes a self-sustaining system that provides food for humans. A protein source as well as vegetables. 

     More examples of using permaculture in a system is in the area of a greenhouse. In this greenhouse you already have the aquaponics set up. The fish also supply a much needed carbon dioxide for the plants. The fish and water in cooler seasons can supply added heat to the greenhouse. Chickens and other small livestock such as rabbits can add benefits to your green house too. In much the same way as the fish, these other critters i kept separate from the veggies can supply heat etc. to the greenhouse, as well as the shelter and heat source the greenhouse offers your little friends. Building a chicken coop or rabbit hutch attached to your greenhouse is not only a good idea but smart.

     Adding critters to your gardening and yard care has many uses as well. Your bunnies are waiting for you to use them. In between your raised garden beds you have an area to keep up. Let the bunnies to it, build a rabbit tractor. They will keep the weeds down and give you natural fertilizer in return. Chickens will do the same, keep them from the veggies, but they will love to help you keep the pest population down. Ducks are great for grubs and the like. Goats much like rabbits are natural lawn mowers, but are easier to manage. In return can offer you milk and cheese as well as fertilizer and meat.


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