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 Mission - Project "Planting seeds across America"

The quick presentaion

By Travis Warner

I was in my Garden one day, planting some peppers and a thought came to mind. What if everyone in America planted a new garden? what would be the results?

Better food taste, healthier food, cheeper food, sustainable food, self-sufficiency, and more!

Johnny Appleseed on steroids, We can do it!

In short - A revolution, people taking back responsability  to produce some of there own food.

A revolution to preserve Liberty and Freedom that WILL succeed without ever fireing a shot.

I thought of the constitution, decelation of independance etc. Our rights. This would be exercising many of those rights. Not to mention the persiut of Happyness.

What would I ask them to do? How would they qualify?

I thought of 3 qualifications and 2 of them could be repeated many many times. Here is the list, after I'll tell you why I chose them.

1. Have a present vegetable garden or prennial food source.

2. Put in a new garden or enlarge the current one.

3. Plant a prennial food source

America used to be self-sufficient in its food supply, unfortunately It no longer is. But, we can do it again.

Planding or having a vegetable garden or prennial food production not only is nice to have it is essential to once again become self-sufficient in our food suply.

Replacing unused areas or lawns etc with useful food sources done in a small scale will once again bring us back to self-sufficiency. But it gets better, if every family in america took part, not only would we become self-sufficient again, we would have large surplusses.

this eliminating hunger through out all america, better health, curbing obesity etc.

Now what to do. 

Put in a garden, if you have one increase it.  

Plant a prennial food supply.

Every Garden will recieve 1 credit.

Putting in a new bed 4ft by 4 ft minimum. 1 credit for each new bed.

Plant a prennial food source, tree shrub, vine etc. 1 credit for each. (Plants that require a cross polinator mininum is 2).

submitions will be a picture with a short discription sent via email for now.

We will be creating a map as well as a database to track all submisions. Only first names and city will be published. My current goal is 1 million submissions, but I want Over 30 million. Does that number seem large, it's not. If every family planted 2 grape vines(counted as 1 for example) we'd surpass 30 million easy. 

I hope to get up a website asap, please contact me for more information as well as with any help you can provide. Getting the word out etc. You can email me at travis@growing-freedom.com

All I need is you. You are the revolution, it begins with you, your actions, your responsability, your right, your freedom. Please act today.

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