Becoming Self-Sufficient is a path to freedom. Here we will provide information, tools and resources to become free.

Gardening/Growing your own food 

 Growing your own food be it a protine source or plants is essential to freedom. check back often as this page will constantly be updated with more information, be it in links or whatever.

Indoor gardening is an option to everyone. The size of the garden may vary, but the quality and rewaeds do not. Below is a pdf about indoor gardening. 

Indoor Gardening.pdf Indoor Gardening.pdf
Size : 95.597 Kb
Type : pdf

Prepping/Storing up 

Prepping is a way of life, "Always be prepared". As long as you are breathing you will never be finished prepping, with that said, our first rule is to not stress over it. If you are feeling stressed or panicked, take a break, realise why you are prepping, then do what you can.

Coming soon more on preparedness. 

Here are a few designs I have been working on.

attached greenhouse/arboretum

winter airflow 

summer airflow

general layout

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