The Garden 

These pictures are from the old way,  we no longer use this  but feel free to enjoy, updates coming soon .

The current garden is over 1 acre in size grown in a typical way, with some areas done in square-foot style, some in bio-intensive style, and some done in a poly-culture. 

The latest update 

Above is an arch trellis we are working on and will be expanding soon. It will allow most typical crops to be grown on or in the vacinity of and produce a much larger yield vs. grown typically in the same space. Check back on the progress on this project. 

Above is a picture of a rocket stove, another project I am working on. Used to heat the greenhouse and main house as well.

Also more pictures of the Gardening area. taken in spring/early summer 2011.

For more garden pictures as well as others, in a larger size, I have created a Flickr account. You can connect with me there. 

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